A Texan Down Under in Sydney

DSC_0152Cheers from Oz!  Australia goes by a few names including Down Under, for any of you not in the know.  It is probably on most people’s bucket list and for good reason!  It’s absolutely beautiful and the people are some of the nicest that I’ve ever met.  An added bonus is that they speak English.

It’s not cheap but I’m lucky that the US dollar is strong right now.  I’m also lucky in that I have a friend to stay with while I’m in the Sydney area.  Catching the hour long bus ride into the city is a matter of walking around the corner to the bus stop.

Once in Sydney, expect to walk a lot!  Besides the obvious sights to see, you’ll find no shortage of bars and restaurants, modes of transportation, and parks.  It’s very easy to get around though as you’ll pretty much run into a body of water and have a view of at least one of the recognizable bridges to help guide you…specifically, the Sydney Harbour Bridge  (Sydney Harbour) or Anzac Bridge (Darling Harbour).

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The first thing I did on my first day in wandering Sydney was to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  The views are amazing even without doing the bridge climb.  From there it was a short walk to the harbor itself and the magnificence of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

Surrounding the Opera House are a multitude of bars and restaurants and the Royal Botanic Gardens .  There are excellent views of the harbor, the opera house, downtown, and the harbor bridge as you walk through the gardens.  You’ll come up on a huge screen set out in the water and seating facing it.  Apparently, they have  outdoor movies during the summer months.

St George Open Air Cinema

During my time in Sydney, I also visited The Rocks, Sydney Tower, St Mary’s Cathedral, Wild Life Zoo and Sea Life Aquarium.  I recommend going to ExperienceOz.com to find online deals.  Instead of paying $80 AUD for the zoo and aquarium OR their online discounted price of $56 AUD, I only paid $48.50 AUD.  Always shop around when traveling!

St Mary’s Cathedral

I’m staying in Newport Beach which is beautiful and offers scenic hiking along the coast and a beautiful beach.  I’ll likely spend my last couple of days just enjoying it.

This weekend, though, a drive to the Blue Mountains National Park one day and a drive to Morisset National Park the next.

Dugong (Sea Cow)


A Texan Down Under
A Texan Down Under

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Sydney so it was great to see the pictures and learn a few more things about the area. Now I really want to go!

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