Affordable Travel – A Common Journey

Flying1Broke, on a budget, on the cheap…for some of us it’s all about the same thing when it comes to traveling.  Searching for affordable travel options is a common journey.  For travel addicts like me, it’s not only about the journey or the destination but also about how to make the journey possible.

I’m simply here to say that if you want it…anything…badly enough, you find a way.

Thanks to today’s technology, we have unbelievable access at our fingertips for every mode of travel, communication, and connection.  You can rack up air miles using your credit cards, get to your destination by crewing on a boat, ride a bus, train or even a bike.

I wanted to fly first class on my flight from Texas to Australia, so I utilized the bulk of the air miles I had accumulated.  Now that I’m down here, my next flights will be a compare and save event.

When it comes to flights, my favorite site to utilize, at least for international travel, is  They also offer hotel and car rental comparisons but I have not used those services as I’m now and forever on a “budget” (ie. I’ll primarily be camping, couchsurfing, and staying with friends).

Ferry, bus, and train fares have to be researched locally…by city, country, or continent.  I have no knowledge of a universal comparison site for these modes of getting there.

Getting there is a common journey for us all and is more important than what you’ll do once you’ve arrived.  What?  Yes!!  To do what you want, you have to get there first!!  There are a multitude of options for living, dancing, and breathing once you’re there but I’ll leave that for another conversation.





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